Dhubedianos around the world!!

*Los dhubedianos no estan a la venta! Son regalos!
* They are not for sale!They are for free!


At 1:49 p. m., Anonymous mzelle-fraise said...

But where is the cute one from Paris?! I can wait for him at the airport!!

At 6:16 p. m., Blogger anuska said...

ay!! son chulísimos!!! y divertidos!!!

At 12:40 p. m., Blogger ainhoa said...

Ya veo que has estado ocupada con tus Dhubedianos, se te ha echado de menos.


At 3:29 a. m., Anonymous WishingOnClovers said...

They are so cute!! I like the little blue one with the flower, very cute!

At 9:39 p. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

If they re not for sale, where can you get them?

At 12:29 a. m., Blogger Dhube said...

Write me isaba@jazzfree.com :)

At 7:54 a. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

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